Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Big love for Dove... dry shampoo

I recently picked up the Dove refresh and care dry shampoo on a night time dash around Sainsburys, mainly because I have been doing the 30 day shred for the past few weeks and had been in the market for a dry shampoo to refresh my sweaty fringe after a workout...gross I know!

I really can't compare this to other dry shampoo's as I have only ever briefly dabbled with the likes of batiste and tresemme and never enough to form much of an opinion. The Dove one is fab though, the first thing that I was pleased to find is that it doesn't leave any white residue behind or feel sticky/heavy in my hair. It has a really fresh smell and leaves my hair feeling like it has actually been washed even on days where the whole hair washing palaver has been well overdue!

As well as absorbing oil and refreshing hair between washes it also claims to give volume, and while my fine normal/oily hair takes a lot of persuading to volumise I have found that using it on just washed damp hair at the roots while blow drying it, gives me a noticeable amount of volume and body.
Another thing to mention is that I've noticed when I spray it through the mid lengths and ends it also adds texture to my hair so its basically a multi tasking bottle of fabulousness!! 

Dove refresh and care dry shampoo is currently on offer in Sainsburys at £2.30. Normal price £4.59 


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